Should I do Online or Face to Face training?
Online training is great for those who want a plan to follow and will get it done. It's good for those with busy schedules as we don't have to find a time where both of us are free to train (you follow your program through the online training app at anytime that suits you)...and you can be from anywhere in the world!

Face to face training is well suited to those who need the accountability of a coach during a session, and whom want/need more guidance on the gym floor. I coach Face to Face clients at Unit One in the Cleethorpes/Humberston area.
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What's the difference between Online 1-1 and Group PT?
1-1 Training is very much about you. Everything is personalised to you and we have private check-in calls each week to discuss how things are going - including how busy work is, how we can fit training in and how to keep on top of our diet with social events etc.

Group training focuses on the support and accountability to keep going whilst in a group setting. You are provided with a generic workouts which you can personalise to suit you and can complete daily and weekly self check-ins. We share and discuss a range of topics in the private Facebook group which you can question at anytime.

How do I know how to do an exercise with online training?
Every workout has exercises with video demos and instructions but if you're ever unsure, take a video and send it to me over WhatsApp.

What gym equipment do I need for online training?
This totally depends on your goals and 1-1 programs are suited to the equipment you have available. If you would like to invest in some equipment or join a gym we'll discuss this during your consultation.

Do I have to follow a meal plan?
No. I'm not a advocate of meal plans as they are unrealistic and don't solve any problems - they just put a blanket over them. Instead we work together to make dietary adjustments that will suit your goals.

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Georgina Creed Online Personal Training
BSc Sports and Exercise Science
Level 3 Personal Trainer